PROGRAMS - Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety

We offer you a natural alternative to drugs and other substances that are used to Reduce Stress and Enhance Relaxation. We accomplish that with Laser Therapy..…

Our program is designed for those who need to manage stress, anxiety and depression levels.

A lot of people do not have addictions but are stressed to the maximum and heading for critical overload & life threatening health challenges. They too need to have something to take the edge off and diminish the physical effects of stress on their cardiovascular system as well as endocrine & nervous systems before it’s too late! Stress is a Killer too if we don’t manage it!

We incorporate laser therapy to stimulate endorphin release (stress managing hormone) and enhance relaxation, producing a calm and tranquil effect, lowering your anxiety and helping to improve your sleep pattern. Lasers are applied to various points on your face, ears, hands & ankles. This Treatment also helps with irritability and mood imbalance, all associated with triggering stress. It takes the pressure off the cardiovascular & nervous systems and allows our clients to deal with stress without further threat to their physical health.

Laser Therapy offers you a natural alternative to drugs and other substances to manage stress levels.

Clients receive a series of treatments to start and often choose to have follow ups once a month as they experience the benefits of the laser therapy.
Experience the change in your lifestyle that you richly deserve!