PROGRAMS - Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance

Have you had your hormones assessed and everything “come back normal?” Low energy levels, sluggish metabolism, painful cycles, poor performance, insomnia, restless sleeping patterns and stubborn weight gain are all screaming signs of hormonal imbalance.

Your current symptoms might fall below pathological range but they certainly demand immediate attention because they are usually subtle signs from your body that there is serious imbalance in motion. With all the hormone information available to the public today, it’s easy to receive mixed messages on what is the best way to approach hormone balancing.

Your hormones could be imbalanced because of glandular issues, hormone insufficiency, hormone excess, chemical or heavy metal toxicity, digestive dysfunction, poor detoxification or psychological overwhelm. All these stressors are taken into account and assessed. The answer is not always to throw more hormones into your system. Careful account for your physiological function is important and cannot be neglected when trying to achieve healthy hormone function.

This comprehensive approach with our laser therapy treatments & ongoing safe nutritional support we can assist the body in rebalancing hormones, liver function & emotional stress. This helps you to re-establish optimal hormone balance and return to a life full of energy, vitality and healthy aging! When you feel calmer, your weight is under control, your hair is healthy, you feel energetic and you know what it’s like to have a good night’s sleep. That’s what it’s like to have balanced hormones. Today’s average woman doesn’t know what it’s like to have balanced hormones because most women today don’t know what to do re-capture these feelings.

Our Clients have a series of 3 Laser Treatments to start along with nutritional support.
Maintenance Treatments on a monthly basis are beneficial.