PROGRAMS - Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Lifestyle behaviors that respond well to Low Level Laser Therapy include the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Laser therapy is 95% effective in treating the physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse.

Withdrawal from Drugs or Alcohol can be difficult, but with the advancement of Low Level Laser technology withdrawal and cravings can be minimal or nonexistent.

The addiction centers in the mind and it is the only disease that tries to convince people that they don’t have it. Psychologists call this the state of denial.

Many people are stuck in a cycle of addiction because their unhealthy lifestyle behavior is a substitute for healthy coping mechanisms. This means their emotional growth was stunted at some point and it stays that way until they recover.

Using drugs or alcohol feels like a quick escape solution; but always results in serious long-term health and relationship problems.

Far from seeking substance abuse treatment, many addicts and alcoholics persist in self-destruction despite knowing the extreme consequences.
When they want to quit but feel trapped? It has nothing to do with ‘will-power’. Your brain is physically addicted to ‘feeling good’ and demands the substance. The physical body needs the support!

How long will it take to overcome your addiction? Every person has their own journey through addictions and their personal situation is different. The Science behind the laser is the same for every client though and through this physical support and ongoing treatment…. if you are ready to begin, Azure Medical Spa & Wellness Center is the step towards Freedom.!

We deal with your physical dependency and withdrawal symptoms by using a Cold Laser on very specific acupuncture & trigger points on the hands, the ears the face & foot points.

The Laser Treatment is completely painless & is described as relaxing.
The Laser assists in the detoxification process and starts the process of repair to your body.

We have nutritional supplements available & information on exercise to help you with healthy ways to cope with life and keep you on track - otherwise known as behavior modification.

Our Clients need to be truly committed to stopping their addiction and attend a series of Laser Sessions.

The Laser Treatment helps to fill the void that must be filled before you can learn new ways to deal with life.

Our Clients receive their first 3 treatments approximately 3-4 days apart. Then gradually scheduled further apart as you adjust to your new lifestyle.

Weekly intervals until monthly maintenance treatments are sufficient.


Drug withdrawal

Refers to the physiological process of overcoming addiction to drugs such as heroin or other narcotics, barbiturates, or amphetamines, by complete cessation of use.

Opiate molecules have a chemical structure similar to endorphins - a natural hormone that regulates pain and pleasure. When a drug user shoots up, the opiates in the drug plug into the nerve receptors normally occupied by endorphins. If opiates are administered repeatedly, endorphin production drops.

The body has essentially been tricked into short-circuiting the natural pain-pleasure regulation system.

The addiction turns ugly when the opiate is withheld. Without the presence of either the opiates or the natural endorphins, an addict’s pain receptors cease to regulate brain signals.

The unimpeded flow of stimulation causes acute pain while triggering a cascade of reactions throughout the body: sweating, uncontrollable diarrhea, vomiting, and severe depression. It’s not fatal - though it may feel like it - and the addict often relapses just to stop the torment.

It usually takes two to three weeks of suffering before natural endorphin production resumes and the pleasure-pain equilibrium is restored.

Considering the ordeal, it’s not surprising that quitting cold turkey works only about 5% of the time. To improve on that success rate, drug treatment experts have traditionally relied on three approaches: methadone, symptomatic treatment, and Narcotics Anonymous. Methadone and its modern substitute buprenorphine are opiates that don’t produce a high. An addict taking these drugs has essentially moved from a risky, illegal dependency to a safer, legal one. But if they don’t take the methadone, withdrawal begins within hours.

For users who don’t want to be addicted to any substance, treating the symptoms with a combination of anti-nausea, anti-diarrhea, and sedation drugs can help ease the pain of withdrawal. Finally, the support of an NA group is usually recommended in conjunction with all other treatments. These methods have a success rate of 30% to 40% after a year.

Alcohol withdrawal

Laser acupuncture treatments have been shown to be very effective for relieving many of the symptoms of alcohol abuse. Laser Therapy Programs have shown that they enable alcoholics to take the action necessary to give up drinking, by supporting the physical body during the withdrawal process & eliminating the need or desire for a drink. Stimulating an endorphin release that takes the edge off & keeps clients satisfied & content while they make the changes necessary to living an alcohol free lifestyle. The Laser Therapy supports the body while detoxing & repairing