Laser Therapy Stop Smoking Program
We have a 95% Success Rate that our Clients Stop Smoking at their 1st Treatment

During Our Laser Therapy we use a soft, cool laser to stimulate a variety of trigger points along the meridian system of the body to stimulate the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are natural chemicals produced by the body that block stress & pain sensations & create a feeling of well being.

The number of points that are stimulated with laser applications of 60 seconds or less varies according to the therapy you are receiving. The Laser is used on points on the hands, the ears, the face and some ankle points.

This Treatment assists the body with a deep sense of relaxation, diminishing cravings and withdrawal symptoms as well as reducing stress and anxiety (usually associated with coming off of any form of addiction).

We also include points that relate to diet and weight loss, so you avoid turning a previous smoking habit into an eating habit.

We know that 98% of smokers…Wish they didn’t smoke…A lot of them have tried to Quit and failed…are Procrastinating…or just don’t know what to try next!

Once they know that there is a Safe! Painless! Effective way cut and release from this Addiction once and for all & Stay Quit! They are Happy to have Found the Laser!

On their first visit our Clients receive their Initial Laser Treatment which is a 1Hr. appt in our Clinic and then they receive a Boost Treatment with 1-2 weeks. Anytime within their 1st month of being smoke free they also receive a Follow Up Laser Treatment again to provide on-going support. We call this “a Reward for Not Smoking” as “the Body loves the Laser” and responds so well to it. This continues to keep their endorphins elevated, takes the edge off for them and this further supports the physical body in getting rid of the toxins & chemicals that may have built up in the system for years.