Donna Karaz
Certified Laser Technician

Donna Karaz has 18 years experience in Natural Healthcare. Her work throughout Canada, the United States and Europe has expanded her knowledge and gained her credibility in her field. Her passion has always been to help people achieve wellness and to seek out resources to do so. Donna has her Certification in Nutrition and is a Certified Laser Therapist CLT, Specializing in Addictions, Weight Loss, Stress, Depression & Hormonal Imbalances. She is trained in Tobacco and Substance Intervention and is an Energy Medicine Practitioner. Her skills in teaching and motivating her clients to achieve success in their programs has resulted in a high 95% Success Rate. Her Services also include Nutritional Consulting & Clinical Training for Health Care Providers. Donna presently resides in Bermuda and offers Treatments for Laser Therapy & Lifestyle Changes in numerous Clinics & Spas internationally.